Clayton Hotel Burlington Road

Clayton Hotel Burlington Road is Dublin city’s largest conference hotel comprising of a conference centre, 20 supporting meeting rooms and 502 guest bedrooms. The hotel is ideally located in the prestigious and leafy Dublin 4 city suburb, but still only a short 15minute walk to the city centre. It is convenient for international delegates who will be arriving into Dublin International Airport with a door to door bus link. 

For a location map of Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, please click here.

This truly will be a memorable and inspirational venue for the GSB 2021 Conference.

Clayton Hotel Highlights

International Federation of Nematology Societies

ISMC: International Soil Modeling Consortium

Microbial Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America

SAMRN: South American Mycorrhizal Research Network

Soil BON:
Soil Biodiversity Observation Network


Global Drivers of Biodiversity

Soil Biodiversity for Sustainable Agriculture

Aboveground-Belowground Interactions

Novel Techniques in Soil Biodiversity Research

Threats to Soil Biodiversity & Protection of Soil Biodiversity

Restoration of Soil Biodiversity









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