Developments of the COVID pandemic over the last few months mean that the scientific value and financial viability of the GSB3 conference scheduled to take place in Dublin in November 2021 are now severely threatened. The huge increases in the number of COVID cases in many parts of the world, the massive and lasting disruptions to international travel, the imposition of quarantines, and the general unwillingness to travel would certainly impact attendance at the conference.

We have therefore decided to postpone GSB3 for fifteen months until March 2023. We believe that postponing for this length of time will allow the global situation to reach a “new normal” in terms of travel and the likely availability of a new vaccine.

We hope that you will commit to continuing to help make the rescheduled GSB3 a fantastic global scientific success.

Prof Tom Bolger

University College Dublin

Prof Diana H. Wall

Colorado State University


Science as a basis for the sustainable use and conservation of soil biodiversity


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Why attend?

The Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative, launched in 2011, is a major stakeholder in the development of soil biodiversity policy, and the accelerating scientific knowledge underpinning the vast biological diversity contained in terrestrial soils worldwide.  Among its various activities, the GSBI launched the Global Soil Biodiversity Conference held in Dijon (France, 2014) and more recently in Nanjing (China, 2017).

The 3rd Global Soil Biodiversity Conference to be held in Dublin (Ireland) in 2023 will expand on previous GSBI conferences and convene the world’s leading experts in this interdisciplinary field of soil biodiversity science to present and discuss recent advances addressing the urgency of meeting global challenges which link to human, animal and plant health and a more sustainable world. The conference will be the top meeting for all scientists, technologists, experimentalists and modellers, students and practitioners working on any aspects of soil biodiversity science and its linkages to the functioning of our global biosphere. The conference will provide the latest updates on soil biodiversity research and knowledge for scientists, policy makers, regulators, environmental agencies, conservationists, land user managers and other stakeholders in the sustainable use and conservation of soil biodiversity.

For further information on the GSBI’s activities, please see their website at


Global Drivers of Biodiversity

Soil Biodiversity for Sustainable Agriculture

Aboveground-Belowground Interactions

Novel Techniques in Soil Biodiversity Research

Threats to Soil Biodiversity & Protection of Soil Biodiversity

Restoration of Soil Biodiversity

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